My Trip to Norway!


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Eventful weekend..

This weekend was very eventful. On Friday I went to Kristiansand to go shopping with some girls in my class. Then I went to Celina’s house with Hannah and we spent the night there. Then on Saturday we were biking to my house to drop off my backpack before taking the bus to Kristiansand to go shopping…again haha. But on the way to my house…my bike broke and I couldn’t even pedal. We were so nervous about missing the bus that I just threw my stuff in the garage and since the way to town was a hill, I just rode my boke and then ran with my bike to the bus stop. The bus was leaving when we got there but Hannah biked after it and they waited for us, thankfully. Then when we got on the bus I realized I forgot my phone. But we shopped all day and it was fun. Until we got ready to leave at 3:30 and I went in a shop while Hannah met up with some friends. And since I didn’t have my phone we had trouble finding each other and getting to the bus on time, so we missed the 3:30 bus. Then we went and had coffee and sat in town so we could catch the 4:30 bus. So at 4:15 we went to Kiwi to buy soda for Celina for that night and hair dye for me. Then we hurried to the bus stop and even though it was only 4:25, the bus was already driving away. So…we had to wait 2 hour for the next bus hahaha! What bad luck. And THEN when we were going home there was a wreck so instead of 45 minutes, it took about 2 hours to get home. So we didn’t get to go to our friend’s party. Instead we just hungout at Hannahs and made tacos and two of our friends came over. It was fun anyways :) Then on Sunday we woke up early and went to sing in the church..after only having 4 hours of sleep. Fun! And after church we went back to Hannahs to have more tacos and dye my hair and watch grease. Now it’s Monday and I’m sitting in school waiting for Anne Gunn to pick me up since my bike is broken. I have not had very good luck lately…

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Mandal, Norway <3

I’m so so so happy. I really really love hanging out with hannah. I’m so excited for this weekend. Friday I’m going shopping in Kristiansand after school and then Saturday I’m going to a party with my friends and after that I’m sleeping over at Hannahs so that we can go to church together Sunday :) 

Basically, I love Mandal.

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Such a gooooood day!

Todays been such an exciting day. School was the usual and then after school I biked to town and met up with Hannah, Anne, and Celina. Celina dyed her hair black and Hannah got a sidecut :) I kinda want one now haha. Then after we biked to the grocery store and bought chocolate and ingredients for tacos :) Then when we were going home something very scary happened. We were just biking when all of the sudden there was a small landslide right in front of us..good thing we weren’t under it! So we had to wait around for the police to come and some other people who kind of cleaned it up and put cones around it so no one would go through there. Then we went to my house and made tacos and practiced our songs for choir. After we were nice and full we biked to the scene of the accident to have an interview and pictures taken because we’re going to be in the newspaper! Then after we went to G Sport and Hannah bought stuff for handball and I got some clothes for gym class. After that we went to choir for two hours since we’re singing in church this Sunday. Now it is 9 pm and I’m just sitting at home. It’s been a long day but I had a lot of fun with Hannah! Love you Hannah! :)

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